Crossdraft Spray Booths

Rohner Crossdraft Paint Spray Booths are a great way to bring the advantages of a horizontal airflow booth into your facility. Standard crossdraft spray booths draw non-pressurized fresh filtered air from the supply plenum, pulling the airflow horizontally across the entire work area, and out through a pant leg or wall exhaust plenum at the opposite end of the booth. Our industrial crossdraft (ICD) spray booths and modified crossdraft (MCD) spray booths provide a clean and controlled environment for finishing a variety of large and small products, and they can be designed as drive-in/drive-out or as flow-through production.

Standard features provided in Rohner Crossdraft Paint Spray Booths include:

  • Premium 18 gauge G90 Galvanized steel construction
  • AMCA certified aluminum blade fans with TEFC motor standard
  • UL listed color correct fluorescent light fixtures
  • 20 x 20 Industry standard filters
  • 100 F.P.M. standard booth velocity
  • Welded tube steel product doors
  • Easy nut & bolt assembly with 3D exploded view drawings

Rohner Paint Spray Booths are designed to meet or exceed NFPA33 and IFC Chapter 24 requirements. View Requirements.


Std. Opt Std. Opt
18 Gauge galvanized construction NESHAP compliant multistage filter system
20” x 20” exhaust filter frames with wire grids Blanket media track
Class 1 Div. II sealed inside access light fixtures with color correct lamps 3’ x 7’ Personnel access door with 1 8” x 24” tempered glass window
Spark resistant tube axial fan w/ TEFC motor Filtered product door
High static exhaust fan Dual entry (drive through) product doors
Powder coated white finish Heated makeup air unit (M.A.U.)



MODEL WHDWHDLight FixturesIntake Filters Exhaust FiltersExhaust Fan Sized at 100FPM @ 1/2" S.P.
ICD-14-10-2614'-0"10'-0"25'-11"15'-4"10'-8"26'-3"10242436" 5hp-14,000cfm
ICD-14-10-3014'-0"10'-0"29'-11"15'-4"10'-8"30'-3"11242436" 5hp-14,000cfm
ICD-14-12-2614'-0"12'-0"31'-11"15-4"12'-8"26'-3"12343442" 5hp- 16,800cfm
ICD-14-12-3014'-0"12'-0"25'-11"15'-4"12'-8"30'-3"13343442" 5hp- 16,800cfm
ICD-16-16-3216'-0"16'-0"31'-11"17'-4"16'-8"32'-3"21484842" 7.5hp- 25,600cfm
ICD-16-16-4016'-0"16'-0"40'-0"17'-4"16'-8"40'-4"26484842" 7.5hp- 25,600cfm
ICD-16-16-4816'-0"16'-0"48'-1"17'-4"16'-8"48'-5"31484842" 7.5hp- 25,600cfm
ICD-16-16-6016'-0"16'-0"60'-3"17'-4"16'-8"60'-7"38484842" 7.5hp- 25,600cfm
ICD-18-16-3218'-0"16'-0"31'-11"19'-8"16'-10"32'-3"24646448" 7.5hp- 28,800cfm
ICD-18-16-4018'-0"16'-0"40'-0"19'-8"16'-10"40'-4"29646448" 7.5hp- 28,800cfm
ICD-18-16-4818'-0"16'-0"48'-1"19'-8"16'-10"48'-5"35646448" 7.5hp- 28,800cfm
ICD-18-16-6018'-0"16'-0"60'-3"19'-8"16'-10"60'-7"44646448" 7.5hp- 28,800cfm
ICD-20-16-3220'-0"16'-0"31'-11"21'-8"16'-10"32'-3"26646448" 10hp- 32,000cfm
ICD-20-16-4020'-0"16'-0"40'-0"21'-8"16'-10"40'-4"32646448" 10hp- 32,000cfm
ICD-20-16-4820'-0"16'-0"48'-1"21'-8"16'-10"48'-5"39646448" 10hp- 32,000cfm
ICD-20-16-6020'-0"16'-0"60'-3"21'-8"16'-10"60'-7"48646448" 10hp- 32,000cfm

Optional heated Makeup Air Units (M.A.U.) can be added with high temperature bake cycle and energy saving recycle. AMCA certified fans with EPACT compliant TEFC motors are standard. Fans have remote bearing lubrication, aluminum spark resistant blades, and heavy duty powder coated housings. Rohner Paint Spray Booths are designed to meet or exceed NFPA33 and IFC Chapter 24 requirements. Consult your local authority having jurisdiction for additional requirements before purchasing.

For more information on the standard features, a listing of models and dimensions, and available options of our Crossdraft Paint Spray Booths, please download the Crossdraft Spray Booths Brochure or contact Rohner and someone on our staff will help.