Rohner sets the standard for high quality paint booths and custom manufactured industrial paint systems.  Our brand is synonymous with quality and service.  Cutting edge technology, engineering, experience and passion drive Rohner to provide the best value in finishing equipment. 

  • Jeff Cummins  – Technical Sales Engineer
    Rohner Booths are an excellent option for your next booth project. Whether you are expanding and existing system or starting a new project , make Rohner a consideration. One of the many reasons Spray Tech Systems chooses Rohner a one of their industry partners  is Rohner is an family owned business which makes doing business with Rohner great experience.
    Jeff Cummins – Technical Sales Engineer
    Spray Tech Systems
  • John McKeon – General Manager
    It quickly became apparent Rohner was going to be my best option overall. Throughout the entire process everything that was agreed upon happened and on time. The manufacturing quality of the booth and its components was fantastic. Rohner’s installation team was great. Since the booth was installed we have had zero issues and the booth operates better than we anticipated.
    John McKeon – General Manager
    Metalcrafters Inc.
  • Steve Lewis – Owner
    Rohner has supplied us with several major pieces of equipment.  We could not be happier with the customer service before and after the sale, as well as the quality of the equipment.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for industrial processing equipment.
    Steve Lewis – Owner
    Oregon Powder Coating LLC
  • Pete LaBerge – President
    Rohner provide a large industrial liquid paint booth to solve our persistence production and coating issues.  The new booth has an energy saving recycle cure mode that has increased our throughput and allowed us to upgrade our coatings.  Our product finish quality has never been better.  Rohner helped us through the entire process and has provided the follow up service we demand.  Thank you Rohner Team!
    Pete LaBerge – President
    RD Olson Mfg